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Be Ready to Leave

July 22, 2020

I just saw Jesus and He was shining with light and smiling at me. He said to me,

“It’s time to go, Beloved. My emissaries are on their way. Said I not unto thee that if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? And now, why dost thou tarry? Pack up thy things and come with Me to a land which I shall show thee, which thou knewest no heretofore. Dost thou ask about thy instructions? Even this: Be ready to leave! For in a moment I call thee unto Myself, and will gather you into My Arms. Be not slack among them that sleep, but go and say to him that readeth, ‘Shalom be unto you. Unto the seven churches write, Thus saith the Son of God who hath His eyes like a flame of fire. I see thy works, and the last to be more than the first. Wherefore dost thou slumber among those that sleep? Get up! For He that calleth thee is on His way. Thou shalt never sorrow any more. Wherefore art thou so concerned for the cares of this life? In an instant they shall vanish, like My beloved when I return to rescue them, saith the Lord, the Most High over all the earth. Return unto Me and make your hearts new before Me at My Coming, so shall I not have to destroy you with the wicked. Wherefore do they say, ‘It is a long way off. We have time.’? No, beloved. It is nigh, even at the doors. Thou shalt see in that Day when I lift thee up above thy adversaries, that it was near to come. Do what thou canst while it is called day. For the night cometh when no man can work. Go, and say to them of the nations upon whom My Name is called, ‘I am coming to rescue you!’ Get up and be prepared, that thy garments may be spotless at My Coming. I see thy works, how thou hast provided for the poor. In that day thou shalt be as a signet before Me, saith thy God. I will reward you even before them that have despised and scorned you, saying, ‘What can this girl do?’ With My right Hand I lift thee up and thou shalt ever behold My Face. For I come to reward the living and the dead after their deeds. I said not in vain that your works do follow you beyond the grave. Look up! Behold, He comes with clouds, and every eye shall see Him, and they which pierced Him. And they shall mourn, every family and every tribe apart, in the Day that I do this, saith the Lord. Then shall they lament, saying, ‘Why did we not believe His prophets? They told us so many times that His coming was imminent and we cast their words aside like a useless thing.’ But you, beloved, spare not to share the words thou hast heard, and that in which I shall appear unto thee, lest men’s blood be on thy hands. Go in My might, and declare to him that readeth, ‘Sin no more! Be washed and made whole in the Blood of the Lamb.’ And behold, I am with those that uphold thy spirit. Peace be to thee. Shalom.”

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