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Angelic and Demonic Activity

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

July 14, 2020

I want to write something about the angelic and demonic activity I saw yesterday. I don’t see my angels all the time, but yesterday I saw one twice! The Lord has told me many times to pack, to get ready to leave from here. I was about to put some clothes in my closet, and the angel nodded to my backpack, to put them there instead. He smiles and has blue eyes and blond curly hair, dressed in white. Then as I was bringing some scraps out to the compost in the forest, he was walking with me. I was worshiping the Lord, to the song Shekinah Glory Come, and it felt like my hands were on fire with the Holy Spirit!! I sensed Jesus holding both my hands in His. A short time later I had to bring something out to the barn. When I got there I saw the demon that I’ve seen a few times on our property. It’s tall and black with something on its head, maybe antlers. To give you some background for what happened next, when I was growing up and even as an adult, I used to cower under the covers every night, absolutely terrified of demons. But now I know my authority in Christ!!! When I see a demon now, instead of running, I turn full force offensive on the enemy! I cast down principalities and powers of darkness over the entire region, wherever I am! I repent on behalf of every man, woman and child in the entire region, and on behalf of their ancestors, and ask that they be moved out of Judgment into the Throne Room of Grace and Mercy and keep them there as long as it takes them to repent. I plead the Blood of Jesus over them. I ask for angels that bring Revival to be dispatched. So in the barn yesterday, I spun around and pointed my hand up at him and said, “How DARE you come here!!!!! This family is dedicated to the Lord!!!!” I looked up to the Father and prayed, “Fill this place with your Fire and Glory! Make this a hotspot for prayer meetings and fasting! I plead the Blood of Jesus over the entire property and ask for angels to stand guard.” I started praying in tongues. The demon looked afraid, like he wished I hadn’t seen him. Hallelujah!!!

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Rajen Rajpaul
Rajen Rajpaul
Aug 13, 2020


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