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After the Cross Comes the Crown

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

January 7, 2021

I heard the Lord’s voice saying, “WRITE, and I will tell you what you shall say to My people. Thus says the Lord of hosts, who sets the captives free. I have seen the oppression of My people and will not tolerate it any more, says the Lord. Go, and say to the children of the captivity of My people, I AM has heard your cries and will rescue you! I said not in vain all that I said I would do to you. In that day they shall know whose words shall stand, Mine or theirs. They have spoken against you saying, “She is fallen to rise no more”. In that day they shall behold My Glory which I have placed upon you, says the Lord, and you shall never sorrow any more at all. I have seen all they do to thee and will not overlook it, says the Lord. The barren has borne seven and she that was full has returned empty. I am a God who judges the earth in righteousness, and by money no man will prevail. I am a God who judges the thoughts and intents of the heart. I delight to lift up the humble and the righteous, and the man of earth shall no more oppress. Fear not, My beloved, but make haste to prepare before Me at My coming. For thee have I chosen in the furnace of suffering. The cup which thou hast drunk, thou shalt no more drink it again, but it shall be given into the hand of those who oppress you.”

The night before last I was crying and washing the floors. When I was in the kitchen I saw Jesus smiling at me, as if He knows that my pain and suffering are just about to be ended. I continued crying and praying for my children, and Jesus appeared in front of me again. He had a crown to give me. I laid it at His feet and said, “I am glad to earn this crown by my suffering to give You glory.” I heard in my heart, “After the cross comes the crown.”

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