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A Valuable Lesson

March 24, 2023

I recently learned a very valuable lesson in humility. Throughout my life I have never truly had compassion on stressed-out people. I condemned them more than having sympathy for them. Then I came to the end of my own strength and patience here in India. I was begging God to have mercy on me and help me. I realize now that without Him I can do nothing good. I have to stay on the vine in order to bear the fruit of the spirit!

“ThankYou Lord! ThankYou for showing me how much I need You. ThankYou for all Your patience with us. ThankYou for Your love for us! We love You so much. ThankYou that You are right here, waiting for us to see our need and come to You. We love You so much. Please help us live our lives for Your Glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

The Lord is so good! He has filled me with His peace that surpasses understanding. Hallelujah!

We greatly appreciate and need your prayers for us here in India. Please pray that we will be a light shining Jesus’ love wherever we go.

Thankyou with all our hearts to you who continue to care for the poor here in India. You are making more of a difference than you know!

Love in Jesus,


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