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A Dream

Updated: Mar 24

Last night I had quite an amazing dream! I felt led to share it with you, so here it is:

In my dream I was standing by a large building, and I saw a family there who had come outside after not being able to find what they were looking for. I told them, “No, go back up to the 22nd floor- that’s where the flight is taking off!” Then I went with them to help them find the way. On the way up the building I encountered a few things which I knew were sent from the enemy to make me miss the flight, false guilt from forgiven sins and cares of this life distracting me. But I kept on pressing forward. At one point I saw a man walking by with tumors covering his back and weighing him down. A lady who was a stranger to me came up, and we simultaneously laid hands on him and said “Be healed in Jesus’ Name!” As he was going up the building in a glass elevator, the tumors immediately disappeared before our eyes, and we were praising the Lord!

I finally got to the 22nd floor, and found that I was the last one to board the flight! A flight attendant was waiting there for me, who seemed like an angel who was so glad that I had arrived in time.

I just want to encourage each of us to be ready to meet our Lord Jesus whenever He may come. Lord, please help us to be ready for You when You come for us!

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