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A Few of My Earliest Visions, 2017

Once I was in Heaven and Jesus took me to the Father, and told me to hold out my hands. He put in my hands a soft white dove. It was so soft. I kissed it and brought it to the edge of the Throne Room and let it fly down to earth. Then I looked to see what would happen because of it. I flew down to earth and landed on a street in India. I saw two children crying, alone. I was crying with them and holding the little boy. The girl was about eight years old and the boy was about four years old. Then Jesus came and was smiling at the children. He loved them so much. I gave them to Him and He flew them up to Heaven.

Another time I was flying down from Heaven and a large white eagle, which was Jesus, flew beside me and I got on His back. We flew down to the earth and I knew I was in Calcutta. I saw Mother Teresa standing there, shining and smiling at me. I said to her, "Please say something". She said, "What, so you can tell them what I said? It doesn't matter what I say, it matters what HE says." And she nodded to Jesus, who was standing with us. She gave me the white linen cloth with the blue stripe, and then she handed me a baby boy. I wrapped him in the cloth and I was crying, saying, "I want to save all the orphans!" She said, "You can't, but He can." So I gave the baby to Jesus and He walked away with him. I started to hug her, but there was a little boy at my side, needing me, so I picked him up and held him.

I remember when I saw the Father's Face. It was the most beautiful and wonderful experience ever! His Face was transparent and filled with iridescent lights, outlined with lightning, and He was smiling at me.

Once I was in the Father's Hand and I saw an Indian woman praying fervently for something. I asked the Father to give her whatever she was requesting. Then I saw as she went to a table in front of the Throne with a gold or silver bowl full of her prayers. There were angels standing nearby, collecting her prayers in the bowl. I went over and watched and as she was praying, one tear fell into the bowl. I told her to rejoice, because the Lord had heard her prayers! I knew she had prayed through.

Once when I was in Heaven Jesus told me to hold out my hands. He filled my hands with the glory beads of the gospel. I went to the edge of Heaven and threw them down to the earth. Then I flew down to see what would happen. I flew down into an Indian city and saw a man bend over and pick up one of the pearls.

Another time the Father gave me a large jar filled with these pearls, but larger. He walked to the edge of the Throne Room, to help me throw them to the earth. The sight of the Father walking is one of the most awe inspiring sights I've ever seen. He is as big as a huge building and His robes around His feet were like huge drapes of curtains and I saw His feet slowly walking. I could understand why there are thunderstorms when He walks!

Often when I am praising and worshipping the Lord and singing, I will go to Heaven and enter the Throne Room where there is a crowd of people worshipping also. Jesus always takes me to the Father. I love to worship Him more than anything else!

Once I was standing in space with Jesus, looking at the earth. He told me to listen to what the people were saying. They were saying that they need the Lord and they want Him. He looked at me so tenderly and said, "You know Me."

One of the most wonderful visions I ever had was when I was all alone, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to. I was praising and worshipping the Lord, and suddenly I was with Jesus on an beach. He was carrying me in His arms and spinning with me, in the water! I was laughing with joy. Then I was walking in the water and noticed that we were some place on earth, not Heaven, because the water was golden brown. I dove in and swam for a few moments and then Jesus was carrying me again. I pointed to a very small island off shore and He took me there. Then we were in a hammock hung on two palm trees, and He was holding me. For a second I thought about the hammock and wondered to myself if it was comfortable or not, and immediately it disappeared and we fell into the sand, laughing! Then Jesus walked up with two green drinks in tall glasses, one for me and one for Him. This vision was such a wonderful refreshment in the midst of a lonely circumstance.

Once I ran up to the Father and jumped in His hand. I was lying in His hand as He was smiling at me. He put His finger to me, to touch me, and I knew He loved me so much, but His finger was so huge in comparison to me, and I wanted to hug Him! So I jumped off His hand and saw myself float to the floor, with the train of my white dress flying behind me. Then I was hugging Jesus, because I knew that Jesus is how the Father relates to us. He condescended to become one of us, to love us through Jesus! I was hugging His neck and noticed His beautiful curly brown hair. He held me with such a look of thankful love in his face.

These are taken from the first book of Ashley Walker called "Visions, Dreams, and Spirit Travels"
It is amazing! Get it in Paperback or Kindle Edition by clicking the links below today.
- Brother Tressy

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