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Kind Heart Ministries
Who We Are

 In 2017 I was homeless, living in my car. I had lost everything in life. I was working as a hotel housekeeper, making barely enough to survive. After work I would sit in coffee shops and book stores, since I had nowhere else to go. One day I was in a bookstore, and I picked up a book by Mother Teresa and started reading. I thought, “Surely I can do something for those in India whom no one cares about!” My own suffering made me aware that others had it much worse than I did. I had met several people online who were inviting me to come to India to visit their schools, ministries and orphanages. I saved up money for a plane ticket and flew to India! I traveled over the whole country, and God led me to start working with Raj Sudheer Bajjinki in Andhra Pradesh. 
  God put together a wonderful family of supporters through people who found our YouTube channel! Over the past three years Kind Heart Ministries been providing emergency food for around two hundred families in dire poverty. We are so thankful to be used by God to show His love to these people here! 
  It is our goal to lift the homeless families out of poverty and teach them trades to support their families. We bought land, and are raising support to build homes for them. We would be so grateful for your support for our ministry. These people are living in a level of poverty that most of us can't imagine. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us make a difference in their lives. 
  Thankyou so much to everyone who supports our ministry! It is only as God's people reach out to help that we are able to make a difference.

God bless you! 

Ashley Walker
Kind Heart Ministries

Thankyou for showing LOVE to the poor!

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We love to hear from you!

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