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Kind Heart Ministries:
Who We Are

            Kind Heart Ministries was founded by two people who didn’t have much, but decided to help the poor with what we had! When I met Raja online I was homeless, living in my car. I had lost everything in life. I got a job as a hotel housekeeper, and was making barely enough to survive. One day I was in a bookstore, and I picked up a book about Mother Teresa and started reading. I thought, “Surely I can do something for those in India whom no one cares about!” I started studying Telugu on my little phone, sitting in coffee shops after work since I had nowhere else to go. I studied Telugu for one year, and then planned my first trip to India! I was still homeless and had no money for a plane ticket, but the Lord told me to go! I said, “Lord, You know I don’t have enough money- but ok!” Two Indian churches helped me buy my plane ticket. When I walked into the airport to fly to India I had only fifty five dollars in my pocket. I traveled over the whole country by myself for six weeks, and the Lord provided every step of the way! He led me to start work with Raja, and we got married. We now have twins, Joshy and Hannah, three years old, and Lilly, two months old. 
  It was only this past year of 2021 that our ministry finally got started! God put together a wonderful family of supporters through people who found our YouTube channel. Over the past year we have been able to provide emergency food for two hundred families, including three leper colonies. We are so thankful to be used by God to show His love to the people here! 
  It is our goal to lift the beggar families out of the begging lifestyle, and teach them trades. We are praying for land and buildings to be able to do this. 
  Thankyou so much to everyone who has donated to our ministry! Because of you the poor are fed, the lepers are cared for, and the hopeless have hope! 

Love in Jesus, 
Ashley Walker
Kind Heart Ministries

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